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Trauma-Informed Care

Building a Culture of Strength

Trauma is a wound that injures us emotionally, psychologically, physically, and spiritually. Join us on our mission of creating a world where everyone is trauma-informed by getting curious about the lasting impacts of trauma and how you can support those who are struggling.


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Why should I learn more about this topic?

- Trauma has and will continue to impact so many people in different ways. Increasing our understanding and response to trauma will create a happier, healthier world for everyone.
- You’ll learn practical strategies for implementing each of CTRI’s five principles of being trauma-informed.
- You’ll be able to identify trauma-informed goals so you can improve your organization’s service delivery and program planning.


Why is it important to be trauma-informed?

Being trauma-informed can greatly improve the well-being and outcomes of those who have experienced trauma. It helps us understand why someone might be reacting in a way that doesn’t make sense to us, and increases our empathy and patience as we seek to understand other people’s experiences. This awareness of trauma’s impacts allows us to adjust our own behaviour so we don’t risk retraumatizing someone.

Is being trauma-informed just about awareness, or are there active steps and changes I can make?

At CTRI, we’ve developed five principles of being trauma-informed. They start with awareness and move toward practical ways that you can shift attitudes, foster safety, promote choice, and highlight strengths to fully embody a trauma-informed perspective.

In which what types of environments can I implement the five principles of being trauma-informed?

Being trauma-informed isn’t limited any one type of organization, business, or group of people. Our trainings and resources are valuable for any organization or person who would like to increase their empathy and take practical steps toward building a more trauma-informed world.

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