Counselling in Relationships

Insights for Helping Families Develop Healthy Connections


Healthy connections in family relationships are central to human wellness and resilience. When people feel a strong sense of belonging, they are more prepared to manage life’s challenges. As helpers and counsellors, we are better able to support growth and change in those we work with by considering the bigger picture of their interactions and recognizing the patterns of emotions, beliefs, and behaviors that promote and constrain their connections.

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Author: Vicki Enns

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This book explores guiding principles for working effectively with families. Authors address relationship dynamics including those among parents and teens, couples, and adoptive, blended, and single parent families. Broader themes related to intergenerational trauma, race, and systemic oppression are also considered.

Each author shares stories and insights drawn from their personal experiences and research. Building on the core themes of attachment, relational resilience, and cultural diversity, the strategies they offer will guide helpers in facilitating healthy connections within relationships.

Learn how to support a variety of family relationships including:

  • Parent and Teen Relationships
  • Couple Relationships
  • Immigrant and Refugee Families
  • Single Parent Families
  • Blended Families
  • Engaging with Fathers
  • Adoptive Families
  • Foster Families
  • Purposeful Single Parenting
  • Indigenous Insights for All Counsellors

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Author: Vicki Enns

Counselling In Relationships is edited by CTRI’s Clinical Director, Vicki Enns, and written in collaboration with nine of CTRI’s current and past trainers.

Contributing Authors: Marion Brown, Sheri Coburn, Elaine Conrad, Noela Crowe-Salazar, Vicki Enns, Marwa Fadol, Carl Heaman-Warne, John Koop Harder, Jody Lambert, Lori McIsaac Bewsher.

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Here's what people have to say about our book

“Counselling in Relationships is a refreshing read and illustrates the importance of approaching counselling from a client-centred perspective.”
Katina Russell
Clinical Case Manager, Family Plus/Life Solutions
“This book is laid out in an accessible, easy-to-read format and provides helpful guidance and opportunities for self-reflection throughout.”
Prabhjit (Penny) Gill
Counselling Therapist, Thrive Community Support Circle
“Counselling in Relationships is a well-written and accessible book both for students in any helping discipline related to families, and seasoned practitioners who find themselves working with a client situation that is new for them.”
Buetta Warkentin
Practicum Coordinator, Associate Professor of Social Work, Booth University College
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