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Lori McIsaac Bewsher


Location: New Brunswick

Lori is a Registered Social Worker who holds a Master of Social Work degree and has worked in a variety of settings throughout her career, including the child protection, healthcare, and education systems. She has experience working with many diverse populations in both rural and urban locations throughout the Maritimes, and has spent years living and working in Nunavut. In addition to training with CTRI, Lori currently has a private practice where she draws from her previous education and work experience to support individuals in discovering their strengths, resiliency, and opportunities for growth. Throughout her twenty years of social work practice, she has demonstrated an ongoing commitment to learning and growth which is evident in both her personal and professional life. Lori believes that healing occurs when compassion and curiosity are present within the therapeutic relationship and recovery is guided by self-awareness. She is a skilled trainer who enjoys the energy, wisdom, and experiences offered in a group setting and her work with CTRI supports her belief that without risk, there can be no growth. Lori is also a contributing author of CTRI’s book, Counselling in Relationships.

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