Episode 2: The Power of Play

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Vicki explores play therapy and supporting children with Tanya Hoover, a Registered Social Worker and Certified Play Therapist. They talk about the importance of being real in the counselling room, and the need for counsellors to connect with their own vulnerability. Tanya discusses her passion for attachment and emotional connection as foundations for supporting both children and the adults in their lives. Also explored is Tanya’s new children’s book, The Helping Rock, along with the supplemental guidebook.

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May 11, 2023

Episode 15: Internal Family Systems – The Parts and Goals

Vicki and Michelle Gibson unpack the Internal Family Systems counselling model. Michelle describes how parts make up the internal systems of who we are, and how developing Self-energy is the foundation of healing. She also talks about her journey of learning many different counselling models to find her own personal approach to counselling.  … Read More
Apr 13, 2023

Episode 14: Adverse Childhood Experiences – From Awareness to Freedom

Vicki and Jennifer Slay explore the research on adverse childhood experiences and discuss the power of greater awareness of one’s past life story to understand today’s behaviours and choices. Jennifer explains how what is happening in a child’s environment can create toxic stress that has ongoing impact on their developing brain and relationships. She also shares her resource to Slay Your Inner Critic as an example of moving toward more freedom and choice. Read More
Mar 08, 2023

Episode 13: Dementia Care – Using Colour, Music, and More

Vicki and Family Therapist Wilma Schroeder discuss the growing area of dementia care. They explore a perspective shift from valuing others for their cognitive abilities, to valuing the whole person and relationship. Wilma shares many practical tips for enriching the life of someone living with symptoms of dementia, such as using colour and music, as well as key steps for family members and carers to attend to their own wellness. Wilma shares her hope for a future with dementia-friendly communities.  For further reading on dementia care read Wilma’s blog. Read More
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