The Helping Rock

A Story to Celebrate the Ways We Help Each Other


Learning to ride a bike is hard work for Lani, especially because she won’t accept any help. But when Mama uses the helping rock to teach Lani the value of both giving and receiving help, Lani begins to see the joy and connection sparked by working together.

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Author: Tanya Hoover

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The Helping Rock provides a framework for showing children the importance of sharing our gifts with others and the strength we gain by working together. As a colorful sparkling rock is passed among Lani’s friends, readers witness the many ways we help each other.

By exploring this book and the included activities, parents, educators, and counselors can promote a growth mindset and encourage children to share their gifts and be open to receiving help when they need it.

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Author: Tanya Hoover

Tanya works as a Play Therapist in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. She loves supporting children as they find their gifts and learn to value the help they receive along the way. Tanya’s favorite way to play is by exploring nature with her family: cross-country skiing in winter, and camping and swimming in Manitoba’s lakes in summer. Tanya lives with her two children, her husband, and her two snuggly and playful cats, Cinnamon and Holly. This is Tanya’s first published book.



Illustrator: Shannon O’Toole

Photo of Shannon O'Toole, illustrator of the Helping Rock book
Shannon is a painter, children’s book illustrator, and an elementary school teacher living outside of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. She loves exploring new ways to tell stories through her art. Shannon’s artistic practices are inspired by the many unique characters and people in her life. When she is not painting, Shannon enjoys watching classic movies and exploring new recipes to cook. This is the 12th children’s book she’s illustrated.
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Here's what people have to say about our book

“The Helping Rock is a beautifully illustrated story that highlights the wonder of a growth mindset and the joy of sharing our abilities.”
Patti Sutherland
School Social Worker, Winnipeg School Division
“This book teaches us that we all have the power to spread love and kindness throughout our communities. By remembering to share our gifts and openly receive the gifts of others, we create opportunities for growth every day.”
Jocelyne Lalonde
mother of three (ages 4, 4, and 7)
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