Episode 14: Adverse Childhood Experiences – From Awareness to Freedom

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Vicki and Jennifer Slay explore the research on adverse childhood experiences and discuss the power of greater awareness of one’s past life story to understand today’s behaviours and choices. Jennifer explains how what is happening in a child’s environment can create toxic stress that has ongoing impact on their developing brain and relationships. She also shares her resource to Slay Your Inner Critic as an example of moving toward more freedom and choice.

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Jan 24, 2024

Episode 23: Becoming a Trauma-Informed Leader

Vicki and former corporate leader and author Carolyn Swora discuss what it means to become a trauma-informed leader and how to apply this awareness to workplace interactions. Carolyn describes key skills toward self-awareness, including understanding the three centres of intelligence, and the seven guarded archetypes of how we protect against vulnerability. She gives clear examples of using the three steps of her model to evolve, as described in her book, Evolve: The Path to Trauma-Informed Leadership.   Follow Carolyn on LinkedIn and Instagram!… Read More
Dec 07, 2023

Episode 22: Therapeutic Letter Writing

Vicki and John explore the art of therapeutic letter writing as part of facilitating connection, charting progress, and supporting the client’s strengths. John shares examples of successes as well as missteps that have helped him learn the best ways to introduce this concept to people. He also provides tips and strategies for counsellors to make a habit of using letters to support counselling work – from before you meet the client to creating lasting impact after you end. Read More
Nov 08, 2023

Episode 21: High Intensity Self Care

Vicki and Tom Walker dig into the connection between adverse childhood experiences and long-term patterns of holding stress. Tom shares his lifelong journey of understanding the impact of his own early life experiences of violence and substance abuse in his family, and his own deeply compassionate approach to supporting other first responders and helpers. Vicki and Tom explore what high intensity self-care can look like for any helper – an approach that can move us into releasing trauma and absorbed stress toward greater freedom and compassion. Read More
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