Episode 14: Adverse Childhood Experiences – From Awareness to Freedom

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Vicki and Jennifer Slay explore the research on adverse childhood experiences and discuss the power of greater awareness of one’s past life story to understand today’s behaviours and choices. Jennifer explains how what is happening in a child’s environment can create toxic stress that has ongoing impact on their developing brain and relationships. She also shares her resource to Slay Your Inner Critic as an example of moving toward more freedom and choice.

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Jun 12, 2024

Episode 26: Staying Steady While Supporting People With BPD

Vicki and Therapist Emily Bushell explore borderline personality traits – both the experience of living with them, and what it’s like to be a support. Emily describes foundational strategies for getting started on building stability for those with borderline traits, and offers her two favourite strategies for helpers to stay grounded and steady in this work. Through a healing story and a reframe of the drama triangle, Emily describes the power of shifting the dynamic from victim and rescuer to an empowered and compassionate coach. Read More
May 09, 2024

Episode 25: Co-creating Trauma-Informed Spaces

Vicki sits down with CTRI Owner and Managing Director Nathan Gerbrandt to explore his evolving understanding of creating Trauma-Informed spaces and practices. They discuss moving beyond awareness in order to co-create safety with individuals and organizations. Nathan shares practical suggestions for seeing strengths and success as part of trauma awareness. And he highlights the influence of this model on upcoming CTRI trainings. Read More
Apr 04, 2024

Episode 24: Supporting First Responders Through Traumatic Injury

Vicki sits down with CTRI Clinical Director Joddie Walker to get an inside look at how first responders can be impacted by traumatic injury. Joddie describes common themes as well as unique impacts for first responders, such as moral injury and sanctuary trauma. She explains the importance of creating a safe space to unpack the stigma around needing help and the key step of broadening the story to include adverse childhood experiences. Read More

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