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Addictions and Mental Health

Strategies for Complex Issues

July 25, 2024
(09:00 AM - 04:00 PM CDT )
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Addictions and Mental Health - Live Virtual - July 25, 2024; 9am-4pm Central Time

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Many people who experience mental health concerns also live with an addiction. While working with multiple issues at the same time is complicated, recovery from both of these issues is possible with an integrated, person-centred, and trauma-informed approach. This workshop provides a framework for assisting people to move forward with healthy ways of coping. Participants will explore the experience of living with an addiction and mental health concerns, be provided with an understanding of contributing and protective factors, and learn how to integrate strategies in a way that respects the person and supports their health.

Learning Objectives

Upon completion, participants should be able to:

  • Explain the impact of stigma, silence, and shame
  • Describe theories of change from both a mental health and addictions perspective
  • Address individual needs from a unified, person-centred perspective
  • Describe steps for working collaboratively with people on both mental health and addictions
  • Integrate treatment approaches from both the mental health and addiction fields

Method of Delivery

Presentation, video, case study exercises, personal reflection, and small group discussions.

*Please allow only the registered individual(s) to view the materials.

Some of the Topics Included

  • The Words We Use Matter
  • Beliefs and Assumptions That Impact Our Ability to Support
  • Exploring Stigma
  • Silence, and Shame
  • Links Between Addictions and Mental Health
  • Key Considerations for Being Helpful
  • Getting to Know the Person Outside of the Problem
  • How an Integrated Approach Works
  • Screening for Addictions and Mental Health Concerns
  • Setting Realistic and Achievable Goals
  • Collaborative Intervention Strategies
  • Assessing and Promoting Readiness for Change
  • Safety and Harm Reduction
  • Skills for Emotional Regulation

Target Audience

This is an intermediate level workshop intended for social service and health care professionals, counsellors, social workers, school personnel, and anyone working with those who struggle with both addictions and mental health.

Terms & Conditions

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Trainer: Leita McInnis


Leita (she/her) is an organizer, advocate, and therapist who supports people impacted by violence, policing, and the criminal (in)justice systems. Drawing on anti-oppressive, transformative, relational, and trauma-informed approaches in her practice, she works to support individuals as they unpack the impacts of systemic oppression and journey towards healing, wholeness, and reclamation. Prioritizing community-led initiatives, group work, and radical community building, Leita is committed to decolonization, resistance, and the de-professionalization of therapy. Her practice focuses on the complexities of violence, dismantling the perpetrator/survivor binary, accountability, repair, and transformation. She has a profound belief that no one is disposable and comes to this work with a commitment to radical compassion, curiosity, and humility. As a trainer, Leita invites participants to reflect on their own experiences, co-creating a learning space where everyone feels comfortable to share their successes. She also provides opportunities to reflect on more difficult experiences, ask questions, and learn practical, relational approaches to supporting others.

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