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Certificate Program in Trauma Counselling and Support

10 days

Certificate Program in Trauma Counselling and Support

About This Program

The road to trauma recovery is complex and challenging, strewn with potential obstacles that counsellors may find overwhelming. Evidence-based counselling approaches are needed to navigate this road and guide a person safely along it. This program provides a variety of strategies for trauma counselling. Participants will learn skills for establishing safety and self-regulation, dealing with flashbacks and other post-traumatic symptoms, healing through body-oriented strategies, and promoting resilience.

Certificate Program Workshops

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Target Audience

This is an intermediate level program for social service and health care professionals, counsellors, social workers, school personnel, and anyone working with people who have experienced trauma.

Topics Included

  • Empathy – A Vicarious Experience
  • Building Self-Awareness of the Impact of Working With Trauma
  • The Impact of Trauma on the Body and Brain
  • Safety and Stabilization
  • Body-Oriented Counselling Approaches
  • Tracking Body Sensations and Movement
  • Preparing for a Group Debriefing
  • Building a Trauma-Informed Culture

Private Training


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