Episode 10: Journaling for Client and Counsellor Wellness 

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Vicki and International Association of Journal Writing Director Lynda Monk discuss the power of journaling both in a personal reflective practice and as a counselling resource. Lynda describes helpful structured steps for therapeutic journaling, as well as a range of ways to start journaling for burnout prevention and overall wellness. She also shares several helpful resources for people to get started, as well as an opportunity to access a free gift. Find her book, Life Source Writing, here.

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Sep 07, 2023

Episode 19: Land-Based Wellness Practices

Vicki and Melanie Bazin explore land-based wellness practices – a wholistic approach to healing and self-awareness. Melanie describes how to prepare ourselves as helpers to engage in these practices authentically and she gives examples of sessions such as work with youth she does at L’il Steps Wellness Farm. And they discuss how connecting with the land opens a reciprocal relationship of care and responsibility between ourselves and nature.  … Read More
Aug 09, 2023

Episode 18: Seriously Therapeutic Play – Listening With More Than Our Ears

Vicki and Kristen Klassen discuss Seriously Therapeutic Play – using LEGO® bricks to build metaphorical models. They explore how this process helps us to think and listen differently and provides unique communication and problem-solving opportunities. Kristen gives examples of simple strategies any counsellor can use with a few toys to bring this process into the therapy room or a group conversation. … Read More
Jul 12, 2023

Episode 17: Illustrating Vicarious Trauma – The Importance of Art and Play

Vicki and Rebecca Bloom explore vicarious trauma and why it’s gotten more intense for helpers since the pandemic. Rebecca delves into her book, Vicarious Trauma Illustrated, to provide a process for curiosity, reflection, awareness, and discovery about our own experiences of vicarious trauma. She also reminds us that our way out of stress and overwhelm is to dance and play with each other. Read More
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