Episode 10: Journaling for Client and Counsellor Wellness 

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Vicki and International Association of Journal Writing Director Lynda Monk discuss the power of journaling both in a personal reflective practice and as a counselling resource. Lynda describes helpful structured steps for therapeutic journaling, as well as a range of ways to start journaling for burnout prevention and overall wellness. She also shares several helpful resources for people to get started, as well as an opportunity to access a free gift. Find her book, Life Source Writing, here.

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Jan 12, 2023

Episode 11: Psychedelics and Counselling

Vicki and Kelly Smith discuss the growing interest and research around psychedelic-assisted counselling. Kelly describes what a typical process is like for a client at Field Trip Health where she works, and notes important considerations for when this is a safe and beneficial choice for someone. Kelly suggests ways any counsellor can increase their knowledge and support clients who might be curious about psychedelics. Read More
Nov 10, 2022

Episode 9: Using Photovoice in Counselling

Vicki explores the use of photovoice as a counselling technique with Briar Shulz, who describes five accessible ways to use photos and images in the counselling process. They unpack the importance of being cautious with this counselling technique because of the powerful ways images can facilitate a deepening of insight and expression. Briar also shares training suggestions for photovoice and her current passion for crafts. Read More
Oct 13, 2022

Episode 8: A Multicultural Approach to Mental Health

Vicki has a conversation with Krystel Salandanan, PsyD. They explore what a multicultural view of depression may look like and consider the example of “smiling depression.” Vicki and Krystel also discuss the role of the DSM and how it needs to be always evolving to be relevant. And Krystel offers guidelines for any counsellor to increase their capacity for a multicultural approach to understanding mental health. Read More
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