Crisis Response Team and Plan Development

If a crisis happened today, would your school, community, or organization be ready to respond to the emotional needs of those impacted?

To create a crisis response plan, CTRI will guide your group through a facilitated exploration and development process.

To explore consulting options contact: Nathan Gerbrandt, Managing Director, at [email protected].


Crisis Response Team and Plan Development

Being prepared to effectively manage the emotional impact of a critical incident requires the development of a detailed crisis response plan. To create your team and plan, CTRI will guide you through a detailed development process. This initial plan usually requires one day to develop, and will go through the following phases:

Phase 1 – Build Your Crisis Response Team

Phase 2 – Create Your Definition of Crisis

Phase 3 – Determine Team Goals/Mission

Phase 4 – Review Team Tasks

Phase 5 – Assign Roles

Phase 6 – Establish a Communication Strategy

Phase 7 – Distribute Information

CTRI will distribute a concise report of the work done and decisions made during the meeting. We recommend that those who participate in the development of the crisis response plan first take the Crisis Response Planning workshop.

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