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Q: Why do we charge for manuals and e-manuals?
A: Our CTRI/ACHIEVE staff and trainers spend numerous hours developing and regularly updating our workshop materials. The participant fee we charge covers this intellectual property and is the backbone of our program support.

Q: Should I order paper or PDF manuals?
A: We believe that in-person training is incredibly valuable, which is why we encourage trainers to purchase paper manuals for their participants as they are easier to follow along with, make notes on, and save for future reference. We are currently offering PDF manuals for online workshops only (see Additional Resources for more online training resources).

Q: How many manuals should I order?
A: One per participant. We recognize it is very easy to share paper manuals or download and distribute PDF manuals to any number of people. We trust that our trainers will respect the program and our intellectual property by purchasing the appropriate number of manuals or e-manuals.

Q: When should I order manuals?
A: For paper manuals, we usually require two weeks to process and ship materials. If you need manuals sooner than two weeks, please contact us to arrange. Depending on how many workshops you deliver, you may choose to order the exact number of manuals before each workshop, or order in bulk for several workshops at once.

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