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Vicki Enns


Vicki is an Approved Supervisor with the AAMFT and CAMFT and the former Clinical Director of the Crisis & Trauma Resource Institute (CTRI). In her clinical practice, Vicki specializes in the area of trauma recovery for individuals, couples, and families. She believes in a holistic approach to wellness that applies to both clients and helpers. Vicki is the editor and a contributing author of  Counselling Insights and Counselling in Relationships books, and co-author of A Little Book About Trauma-Informed Workplaces. She is also the author or editor of many of CTRI’s training materials, including those on the topics of anxiety, trauma, mindfulness, and ethics.

When developing suicide prevention plans, Vicki works with clients to identify the foundations of both vulnerability and resilience that contribute to a situation. The goal then becomes finding individual, community, and cultural resources to draw upon to build a proactive plan that is manageable and authentic for each client.


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