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Ofelia Tatu

MPsy, PhD

Location: Yukon Territory

Ofelia Tatu is a doctor in psychology and a highly trained and experienced brainspotting therapist, educator, and holistic coach. She is certified in functional nutrition for mental health and integrative sports medicine, and works from a developmental/neuro-experiential model of healing and expansion, which allows permanent and positive change.

In addition to training with CTRI, Ofelia works in a holistic private practice with children, adults, couples, and families. She specialises in helping clients with pain and autoimmune/chronic conditions, physical injuries and concussions, cross-cultural identity/intercultural and multicultural issues, parenting and inner child work, and performance enhancement.

Ofelia has had excellent results with clients facing addictions, ADHD, OCD and autism, anxiety and depression, grief, trauma, sleep issues, chronic insomnia, shame, food related issues, self-esteem, as well as burnout and career or work-related issues. She uses a psychoneuroimmunology lens as she believes in a holistic and integrative approach to wellness and healing. Ofelia has a profound belief in the resiliency of the human spirit, particularly in conditions of relational and neurobiological attunement.

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