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Leita McInnis


Location: British Columbia

Leita (she/her) is an organizer, advocate, and therapist who supports people impacted by violence, policing, and the criminal (in)justice systems. Drawing on anti-oppressive, transformative, relational, and trauma-informed approaches in her practice, she works to support individuals as they unpack the impacts of systemic oppression and journey towards healing, wholeness, and reclamation. Prioritizing community-led initiatives, group work, and radical community building, Leita is committed to decolonization, resistance, and the de-professionalization of therapy.
Her practice focuses on the complexities of violence, dismantling the perpetrator/survivor binary, accountability, repair, and transformation. She has a profound belief that no one is disposable and comes to this work with a commitment to radical compassion, curiosity, and humility. As a trainer, Leita invites participants to reflect on their own experiences, co-creating a learning space where everyone feels comfortable to share their successes. She also provides opportunities to reflect on more difficult experiences, ask questions, and learn practical, relational approaches to supporting others.

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