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Kristen Deuzeman

MEd, RPsych, CPsych

Location: Ontario

Kristen is a Clinical and Organizational Psychologist who specializes in psychological assessments. She completed her undergraduate degree at the University of Ottawa, and her graduate work at both the University of Ottawa and Concordia University. In addition to training with CTRI, Kristen is the clinical director at THRIVE Psychological Services where she treats clients suffering from burnout, anxiety, depression, PTSD, and grief and loss, in addition to providing supervision and mentorship to other highly qualified therapists. She is a lifelong learner who believes that continuous development and self-awareness are essential to one’s ability to serve others. As a trainer, Kristen combines her experience in psychological research and clinical work to enhance self-discovery and skill development for learners. She is a passionate facilitator who uses warmth and humour to create engaging and meaningful workshops.

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