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AnnMarie Churchill


Location: New Brunswick

AnnMarie holds a PhD in Experimental Psychology and a Master’s degree in Clinical Social Work. In addition to advanced study and training in the areas of anxiety, trauma, and resilience, she has over 30 years of direct clinical experience, and is a contributing author of our Counselling Insights book. AnnMarie has worked as a Psychotherapist and Consultant in various workplaces including EAP programs, schools, communities, and hospitals. Much of her work over the years has involved training and consulting with Indigenous communities, including 20 years as a member of the mental health team on the Akwesasne Mohawk Territory. Informed by clinical work and her doctoral research on life orientation and coping, AnnMarie’s approach as a clinician and trainer is to view personal and professional struggles as human issues requiring compassion and practical strategies for coping and resilience. In her workshops, she seeks to build connections and capacity by creating an environment of acceptance, collegiality, and experiential learning. Packed with personal and professional examples, AnnMarie’s trainings are both highly engaging and informative.

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