Episode 21: High Intensity Self Care

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Vicki and Tom Walker dig into the connection between adverse childhood experiences and long-term patterns of holding stress. Tom shares his lifelong journey of understanding the impact of his own early life experiences of violence and substance abuse in his family, and his own deeply compassionate approach to supporting other first responders and helpers. Vicki and Tom explore what high intensity self-care can look like for any helper – an approach that can move us into releasing trauma and absorbed stress toward greater freedom and compassion.

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Oct 11, 2023

Episode 20: Self-Care Transformed

Vicki and Marwa Fadol share stories and excerpts from their upcoming book, Self-Care Transformed. They discuss their hope to bring new life to the concepts of self-care, wellness, and resilience. Going deeper into greater self-awareness, courage to acknowledge systemic stressors, and feel the deeper feelings, they share excerpts from their new book, along with personal experiences that have shaped their own journeys. Everyone is invited to the free book launch on November 27, noon-1PM CT! … Read More
Sep 07, 2023

Episode 19: Land-Based Wellness Practices

Vicki and Melanie Bazin explore land-based wellness practices – a wholistic approach to healing and self-awareness. Melanie describes how to prepare ourselves as helpers to engage in these practices authentically and she gives examples of sessions such as work with youth she does at L’il Steps Wellness Farm. And they discuss how connecting with the land opens a reciprocal relationship of care and responsibility between ourselves and nature.  … Read More
Aug 09, 2023

Episode 18: Seriously Therapeutic Play – Listening With More Than Our Ears

Vicki and Kristen Klassen discuss Seriously Therapeutic Play – using LEGO® bricks to build metaphorical models. They explore how this process helps us to think and listen differently and provides unique communication and problem-solving opportunities. Kristen gives examples of simple strategies any counsellor can use with a few toys to bring this process into the therapy room or a group conversation. … Read More
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