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Critical Incident Group Debriefing (CIGD)

Are you looking for a skilled facilitator to help your group debrief after a critical incident?

We can provide specialized clinical consultation for difficult cases or for those wanting to develop a particular aspect of their skill set.

To explore consulting options contact: Nathan Gerbrandt, Managing Director, at [email protected].


Critical Incident Group Debriefing (CIGD)

CIGD is a process for dealing with the impact of traumatic events. It focuses on helping those involved in a critical incident to explore their experiences and learn about stress reactions and symptoms. The goal of CIGD is to mitigate the impact of a critical incident and help everyone involved recover from the stress associated with the event. The process usually takes several hours.

CTRI’s philosophy is to first train people who have close connections to the community, school, or organization to be able to provide CIGD internally. However, we recognize that there are times when there is not a trained facilitator able to implement this process. There are also situations where the existing crisis response team is overwhelmed and requires help from an outside facilitator to lead them through the CIGD process. In these situations, you might consider augmenting CIGD with the workshop, Vicarious Trauma – Strategies for Resilience.

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John Koop Harder

John has been working as a therapist and trainer for over 20 years. He is a Registered Social Worker who holds a Master of Social Work degree. John is a contributing author of our Counselling Insights and Counselling in Relationships books. Much of John’s career has centred on working with…
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Tom Walker

Tom has over twenty-five years of experience in the field of mental health and addictions within the social service sector and in private practice. His background includes working in front line, management and senior leadership roles. In addition to training with CTRI, Tom is a Human Factors Specialist with Ornge…
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