Private Certificate

Responding to Trauma & Grief (for Indigenous Communities and Organizations)

This 5-day program is facilitated by Indigenous trainers and blends a Western approach with their unique Indigenous perspectives. It provides participants an opportunity to develop a set of competencies for effectively responding to people experiencing trauma and grief.

Customized certificate programs are offered online or on-location, right in your community or organization – either over a period of two consecutive weeks, or scheduled at various times throughout the year.

*There are additional workshops that meet the requirements of the Certificate in Responding to Trauma & Grief. Please speak to us about customizing the program to fit your needs.

How it Works

Contact one of our training coordinators to receive a proposal. We’ll help you choose the best content and trainers for your group. We’ll also discuss the timelines and other logistics of running the program.

Contact a Training Coordinator

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Cost varies depending on location. You will receive an estimate with your proposal.

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