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Clinical Supervision

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About this Workshop

Clinical supervision is a complex role that requires multiple skill-sets. In this role, the essential skills for supporting supervisees to develop in their clinical work are sometimes overlooked. This workshop focuses on the insights and tools that are necessary for supervisors to support other counsellors to grow in their ability to help others. The balance between supervision, administration, and performance evaluation will be discussed. Participants will also learn the tools for exploring complex issues such as ethics, culture, and power.

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Target Audience

Define the role of clinical supervision and the elements of a supervision process, Identify one’s own style of supervision, List essential supervisor competencies, Plan steps for supporting supervisees for development of their helping skills, Select steps for guiding supervisees through ethical dilemmas and cultural sensitivity, Describe a process for delivering effective performance reviews and feedback

Method of Delivery

Presentation, video, case study exercises, personal reflection, and small group discussions.

Topics Included

  • Components of a Clinical Supervision Role
  • The Elements of Supervision Process – Administrative, Educational, Supportive
  • Supervision Style Assessment
  • How to Adapt Your Style to Fit Supervisees
  • Essential Supervisor Competencies
  • Structure and Process of Supervision
  • Learning and Supervision Contracts
  • Ethics, Power, and Boundaries in Supervision
  • Considering Steps for Diversity and Cultural Humility
  • Facilitating Counsellor Development – Beginning, Intermediate, Advanced
  • Giving Administrative and Performance Feedback

Private Training

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