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Board Development Training

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About this Workshop

Board governance, when done poorly, creates significant frustration for its members and can lead to organizational dysfunction. When they are run well, boards contribute to the vibrancy and success of the organization they govern. This training will enhance the effectiveness of your board of directors by building clarity and understanding of their roles and responsibilities, the relationship and authority between staff and the board, and the specific, supportive duties of individual board members. Participants will learn tools for effective board meetings and decision making. They will also come away with a deeper understanding of the policy, procedure, and processes essential to a well-functioning board.

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Target Audience

This is an intermediate level workshop.

Method of Delivery

Presentation, video, personal reflection, and small group discussions.

Learning Objectives

At the end of this workshop, participants should be able to:

  • Define the differences between governance, management, and supporting roles
  • List roles and responsibilities of a board of directors
  • Demonstrate how to improve the orientation process for new board members
  • Describe effective board meetings
  • Define a fair and inclusive decision-making process at board meetings

Topics Included

  • Legal Duties of Board Members
  • Board Responsibilities and Obligations
  • Governance vs. Management
  • Individual Board Member Responsibility
  • Bylaws and Board Level Policy
  • Characteristics of Healthy Boards
  • Board Member Orientation
  • Board Committees and Developing Terms of Reference
  • Strategies for Running Good Board Meetings
  • How to Make Decisions


Half-day version: The half-day version of this workshop provides an overview of the fundamentals of board governance. See this as an orientation to understanding the responsibilities and work of a board.

One-day version: The one-day version of this workshop adds an additional focus on board committees and running effective board meetings, with a focus on decision making and information tracking.

Two-day version: The two-day version of this workshop is specifically for full boards who wish to learn and apply the material to their context. Time is included for looking at your specific board’s structure and improving the way it functions.

Private Training

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