Stress Reduction Exercises

The following recordings are guided exercises for managing stress and anxiety through mindful awareness, breathing, and simple movements.

Getting Grounded in the Present (3:46 mins)

This exercise guides you through using your senses of sight, sound, and touch to practice focusing your awareness on the present moment. This is useful when you find your focus caught up in worry about the future, or thoughts about the past.

Embodied Breathing (8:21 mins)

This exercise uses mindful awareness and focuses on breathing to help you become more connected to body sensation and use breath to deepen a sense of relaxation. This is useful for managing and regulating emotions, releasing tension, and feeling more relaxed overall.

Cocoa Breathing (3:03 mins)

This is a guided breathing exercise for children, using mindful awareness, breath, and imagination. With simple instructions, a child is guided through slowing down and regulating their breath using the familiar activity of imagining a warm cup of cocoa. This exercise is useful for settling the breath, body, and any worries in the mind.

Wiggle to Wind Down (3:18 mins)

This is a guided activity for children, using mindful movement, awareness, and playfulness. The activity guides a child through simple movements to release agitated energy, and transition to a more settled and relaxed state. This is useful when a child is anxious, agitated, or having a hard time feeling settled.

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