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Self-Care Transformed offers both individual and collective strategies you can use to create a sustainable and ongoing approach to self-care. Whether you are a counsellor, nurse, teacher, or any type of helper, this book is your compass to a more sustainable and fulfilling approach to wellness.

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Authors: Marwa Fadol and Vicki Enns

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Although helping others is an enriching role, it is not without its challenges. Burnout, vicarious trauma, and compassion fatigue are just some of the impacts we try to heal from through self-care. But what if we could take a more proactive approach to our well-being? One that allows us to grow our wellness and resilience as we help others.

In this book, Psychologist Marwa Fadol and Therapist Vicki Enns go past the surface-level exploration of what it means to be well in a helping role. They provide a wholistic approach to helper well-being that includes creating space for grief, anger, and meaningful rest. And they explore how to connect with our values, beliefs, and joy, so we can build a more sustainable and transformative self-care plan. They’ll answer questions such as: “How can this work increase our overall health?” “How can we respond to our own wellness needs?” and “What role does community play in our individual wellness?”

You will gain valuable insights from what the authors have learned through their own journeys of radical self-care and wholistic resilience, as well as their research and interviews with other helping professionals. At the end of each chapter, you will be challenged to reflect on your own experiences and put what you have learned into action.

This book is an opportunity for you to hear wisdom from others in the helping community and learn practical steps that will deepen your own sense of well-being. It offers both individual and collective strategies you can use to create a sustainable and ongoing approach to self-care. Whether you are a counselor, nurse, teacher, or any type of helper, this book is your compass to a more sustainable and fulfilling approach to wellness.

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Authors: Marwa Fadol and Vicki Enns

Marwa Fadol, MA, RPsych

Marwa is a skilled CTRI trainer with over 15 years of counseling experience. In her private practice, she supports others through attachment concerns, trauma, anxiety, depression, grief, and more. She sees her role as one of empowerment, helping people uncover their values and beliefs so they can lead authentic, intentional lives where they are the author of their own story. Marwa is a co-author of our Counseling in Relationships book and has a special interest in helping people from diverse backgrounds engage in the counseling process in a safe and inclusive manner. She believes strongly that healing for all of us begins with taking time to rest and care for ourselves and our communities.

Vicki Enns, MMFT, RMFT

Vicki is an experienced CTRI trainer and our former clinical director. She also has over 25 years of experience as an individual, couple, and family therapist. In her practice, she specializes in trauma recovery and encourages others to embrace a wholistic view of well-being. She is the editor and a contributing author of our Counseling Insights and Counseling in Relationships books, and the sole author of our Gratitude & Grit journal. She believes that everyone deserves to choose how they contribute to their own and their community’s wellness, and that practices that build self-awareness and connection can contribute to any person’s expanded sense of freedom, hopefulness, and choice.

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Book Reviews

Here's what people have to say about our book

“This book exudes authenticity. I love how Marwa and Vicki share so much of themselves throughout the book. By reflecting on their own journeys and then providing exercises for the reader to do the same, it feels as though we are taking the much-needed time to care for ourselves and learn from our experiences. I will be recommending this book to all my therapist friends and those working in the helping professions.”
Carmel Watson
Marriage and Family Therapist
“Self-Care Transformed provides a deeper and more profound understanding of wellness that moves beyond popularized descriptions of self-care. It explores ways we can build a wholistic understanding of wellness into all aspects of our work, so that we can be transformed by it rather than simply survive. I'd recommend the book to any caregiver – there's something new for each of us to learn.”
Heather Block
Director of Strategic Initiatives, United Way
“Just when I thought I had my self-care on track, along comes this book! This is an essential companion for anyone seeking to navigate a career in the helping profession while embracing balance and rediscovering the beauty of self-care. The authors provide gentle guidance for readers that is abundant in compassion and incredibly wise. This is a must-have on every therapist's shelf.”
Janet Arsenault
Clinical Director, Storify Therapy Services
“The heart and soul of Self-Care Transformed are the years of clinical experience the authors bring, not only in therapeutic practice but also in caring for themselves as professionals. This book provides us invaluable insight into how to truly thrive as people and helpers.”
Leigh van Rootselaar
“As a helping professional, I cannot emphasize enough the value of this book in supporting my well-being. Marwa and Vicki have done an exceptional job redefining self-care and demonstrating the ways it can be attained.”
Ulkar Mammadova
Therapist, Ünify Wellness
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