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Adverse Childhood Experiences

Healing Childhood Trauma


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Helping children work through adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) is difficult but important work because they can have lifelong effects on mental, physical, and relationship health. This workshop provides a deeper understanding of trauma’s effects on a child’s brain and teaches practical strategies for supporting children and their caregivers. You will discover how to identify ACEs, recognize their signs and symptoms, and learn preventative strategies for counteracting their negative effects. This workshop explores common ACEs, attachment theory, and strategies for supporting children and their caregivers. Join us and equip yourself with the tools you need to make a positive impact on the lives of children and families affected by ACEs.

Trainer: Jennifer Slay, MSW, RSW

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Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this workshop, participants should be able to:

  • Define adverse childhood experiences
  • Describe the impact of trauma on a child’s brain
  • List the signs and symptoms of the effects of ACEs
  • Identify the impact of ACEs on the community, the family, and the individual
  • Describe and implement preventative strategies to counteract the negative effects of ACEs
  • Apply various strategies to intervene and support children and caregivers

Some of the Topics Reviewed

  • Definitions for Trauma and Adverse Childhood Experiences
  • Overview of Child Development
  • Impact of Trauma on a Child’s Brain
  • List of Common Adverse Childhood Experiences
  • Overview of Attachment Theory
  • Racism, Bullying, Emerging Sexuality
  • Impact of Immigration
  • Strategies for Supporting Children and Their Caregivers
  • Resiliency Factors
  • Provision of Supporting Resources

Target Audience

This is an introductory-intermediate level workshop intended for school personnel, social service and health care professionals, counsellors, social workers, and anyone working with children ages 0-12 and their caregivers.

Trainer: Jennifer Slay


Jennifer is a Registered Social Worker who has nearly two decades of experience working in the child welfare system as a social worker, trainer, and manager. She now operates her own psychotherapy practice where she primarily works with women experiencing feelings of depression and anxiety. Jennifer has a passion for supporting people to overcome their fears and reach their full potential. Using a combination of CBT, positive psychology, and mindfulness, she provides her clients with the tools and strategies they need to empower themselves and become more confident. Jennifer believes in the power and importance of communication and feels it is a vital tool in effective relationships with yourself and others. As a facilitator, Jennifer is energetic and engaging, often using humour to support learning.

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