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Matthew Hartman


Location: United States

Matthew has comprehensive experience as a restorative justice practitioner including ongoing consultation for restorative justice implementation in complex criminal justice systems and dialogue facilitation in cases of severe and violent crime. In addition to strategic planning and program development, he has experience in the expansion and capacity building of the community to play an active role in responding to juvenile crime. Matthew holds a Master’s degree in Conflict Transformation. He also has extensive training and education in trauma healing, qualitative evaluation, conflict analysis and theory, human security, and strategic peacebuilding.

As the President for the Restorative Justice Coalition of Oregon, member of the Northwest Justice Forum Planning Committee, and Advisory Committee Member of the Oregon Department of Corrections, Facilitated Dialogue Program, Matthew also is a vital contributor to the Northwest’s restorative justice movement. Working across North America and internationally, he accesses a rich background in restorative justice program implementation, dialogue and conferencing facilitation and training. As a trainer, Matthew brings to his work a strong sense of presence and listening combined with skills to move individuals and groups toward their goals. The resulting safety allows individuals to express their feelings, thoughts and needs which channels collaborative, creative and effective dialogue, planning and problem solving.

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