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Sexual Identity and Gender Diversity in Youth

(A training for youth ages 13-18)

Sexual Identity and Gender Diversity in Youth
Gender identity, gender expression, sexual orientation, and navigating identity and relationships can be challenging, especially if youth don’t feel safe and included. Youth often turn to friends and social media to find comfort, connection, strategies, and understanding, however they are left to their own devices to sift through endless information that can help shape their identity and affect their well-being. Through small and large group discussion, collaboration, and interactive exercises, youth will explore aspects of human sexuality that shape their identity as well as learn ways to build resilience and nurture safer, more inclusive environments. All of our workshops for youth (ages 13–18) use age-appropriate learning methodologies including physical exercises, group activities, videos, personal reflection, and group discussion. Workshops are highly interactive in nature and trainers are both insightful and engaging.

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