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Janelle Jackiw, MA, MED, CCC

Clinical Director, Director of Development

As CTRI’s Clinical Director and Director of Development, Janelle (she/her) is a critical part of the leadership team, overseeing the development of our training materials providing clinical guidance to ensure materials are consistent with our values and embody trauma-informed principles. She also contributes to visioning and strategy, providing guidance in the development of our programs and services, as well as liaising with key clients and our trainers.

Janelle has a broad range of experience working in front line and leadership roles for both government and not-for-profit organizations. In addition to her work with CTRI, she runs her own private counselling practice, is an appointed member of the Parole Board of Canada, and is a sessional lecturer at the University of Regina. She has Master’s degrees in both Criminology and Educational Psychology.

Janelle values organizations that respect the importance of partnerships and innovation. She believes people’s passion for the work they do is developed by encouraging leadership at all levels. Janelle is an energetic presenter who enjoys delivering trainings that are relevant and practical to individuals’ work and personal lives.

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